All for Masters

lifetime adventure in practice of sport

we can grow old in the look
but the spirit and dreams never grow old
standing strong for lifetime adventure
put in practice lifeward qualities of sport
- Masters Centenarian Athletes -

Global Project of Development in Masters Athletics and Masters Sports

Fund & Challenge

overall project regulations
valid from 05.08.2021 until further notice

Fund & Challenge and prime objective

Fund & Challenge is a project of global development in Masters Sports created by
All for Olympics with support of Masters Sports Community that gives great respect for
Masters Athletes of top age categories in all sports worldwide.
This project in sport takes supportive role to Masters Sports Organizations holding
Championships with prime objective and the most important thing to take down the borders
and psychological barriers imposed by Professional Sport - performed by 20-35 age athletes.

The idea of development in sport
Professional Sport 20-35 aged vs. Masters Sport 35-105 aged

The World of Sport is changing making progress in development of Masters Sports
following the same way as it is in Professional Sport, where the motivation factor is essential.
Fund & Challenge Project works according to crowdfunding rules on website:
togeter with releted to the project selling offer - fundgoods:

All Fund & Challenge Contributors may count on discounts and other privileges from
All for Olympics business activity

The Priority of this project is to get and dispose 100 million dollars to Masters Individual Sports
annually, which is about 1% of the whole funds going to Professional Sport
every year in The Whole World.
When this Priority is achieved the international board of this fund will be established
and funds of this project will be disposed for development of
Masters Team Sports and Paralympic Individual Sports.

Take On The Challenge. Mastery in Sport
Motivation factor - Fund & Challenge Awards

Fund & Challenge Project stands for The Mastery in Sport setting up Performance Awards
as a one-time grant for achievement in sport
in the most respectable age categories in the following order:

Centenarian 100+ grant $1,000,000 Fund & Challenge Award
Pre-Centenarian 95+ grant $500,000 Fund & Challenge Award
Pre-Centenarian 90+ grant $250,000 Fund & Challenge Award

The top three age categories are taken as a base of this project,
others will be added acording to condition of the fund.
Fund & Challenge Awards will be offered in Masters Individual Sports of most popular disciplines:
athletics, cycling, swimming, skating and winter-sports.
Achievement in sport will be calculated according to
actual scores and records of the given disciplines.

Take On The Challenge. Mastery in Sport
is initiated with most familiar and accessible to oldsters sport - athletics.

Final conclusion to project. Masters Olympic Games

Disorder of Age and Nature's Handicaps are major psychological barriers of activity in sport
taken by The Whole World with Idea of Olympism excluded for Masters Athletes.

Fund & Challenge Project is open worldwide mostly fund raised by Masters Sports Community.
Acting on the agreement with International Olympic Committee upon introducing
Masters Olympic Games some resources of this fund may be used for
the first preparation of the project of Masters Olympic Games.


All for Olympics Ltd., Robotnicza 42A, 53-608 Wroclaw, POLAND
takes full responsibility for realization of Fund & Challenge Project

© 2021- All for Olympics. Global Project of Development in Sport.

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